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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Are all vehicles listed on this website from China?

Yes, all vehicles are sourced directly from China and sold by us, who operates this site.

Are all your vehicles located in China?

Not really. We might ship some vehicles into certain countries ahead if we see strong demand in that area.

Do you only sell used vehicles?

Currently we put more focus on selling used vehicles, but we also sell brand new vehicles selcted by us.

What kind of vehicles do you sell?

Our product offerings span from cars, buses, trucks, to other equipments including bulldozer, forklift, crane, excavator and so forth.

Can I fly to China to inspect the vehicles?

You are always welcome to visit us in China and inspect the vehicles by yourself. Please be well noted that we charge invitation letter fees upfront. But the fees will be refunded to you(or counted as a partial payment) after you purchase our vehicles.


What if the vehicle I’m interested in is out of stock?

No worry. Just contact us for the product you are interested in. If it’s a used vehicle, we’ll see if we can get a similar model that might also interest you and keep you informed. If it’s a brand new car, we’ll try to get new stock for you.


What is Reg. Year?

Reg.Year means the first year the vehicle is registered by law in the country, and appears on all the documents of the vehicle itself; however, sometimes the Reg. Year differs from the year of manufacture of the vehicle.


How can I confirm the vehicle's condition?

All of our stock are inspected by professionals according to our own inspection standard, and the condition of each vehicle is specified in the Vehicle Information Sheet.


How can I get more information about the condition of the car I am interested in?

If you have additional questions about a vehicle, feel free to contact us. Please have the stock number ready for our reference.


What’s your accepted payment terms?

Normally our default payment term is TT,Cash and Bitcoin. Total payment of the transaction must be made by the date shown on the commercial invoice.


Are shipping cost and other cost included in the total payment?

It depends on shipping terms specified in the contract. If the shipping term is FOB, then you will need to handle shipment and custom clearance by yourself. If the shipping term is CIF, then we would include shipping cost and insurance cost for the shipment,but still you have to handle the custom clearance by youself.

Please note that shipping cost does not include other shipping related charges such as inland transportation fee, shoring fee(if shipped by container) and other related charges.

For clearance agents, you can either find by yourself or we have some recommendations for you.


What is CIF and FOB?

CIF stands for (Cost + Insurance + Freight). It includes vehicle's purchase cost, marine insurance and shipping fees. FOB stands for Free On Board. It is the price shown on the vehicle product page.


Do you accept local currency?

Normally we only accept US dollar and EU dollar. But in some cases, we might consider accepting local currency of certain countries in which we physically operate in. For more information, please contact us.


How will I know when my payment has been received by your bank account?

It is very important that you provide us proof of payment to secure your order. Once the payment has been made, please send us a confirmation of payment together with the proforma invoice number .Once your payment is confirmed from our end, we will inform you by email.



Does every vehicle get inspected before they are shipped to me?

Definitely. Every vehicle we sell must go through strict and rigorous inspection before we load them onto Container(or Ro-RO vessel, depending on the situation) and ship it to end consumers.


When will my vehicle be shipped?

The exact shipping date will have to be decided by shipping company, according to their schedule. Once we receive the bill of lading from the shipping company (usually within a week from the estimated shipping date, we can confirm with you the exact date the vehicle is loaded on the ship. Please wait to receive the departure and arrival date of your shipment from us. In some cases, we might contact you to obtain further information that is needed before shipment .We will advise shipment details once the vehicle is confirmed for shipment by the shipping companies.


What is the information required for shipment?

There are three different information required to confirm shipment of your vehicle:

Consignee Address : Information of the person, shown on the shipping documents.

This is the person who will receive the vehicle.

Courier Address : Where shipping document will be sent.

Notify Party: Contact person at the port of delivery. This is your customs agent in most cases. 

Once you have provided this information, we can plan for shipping your vehicle and let you know what the schedule will be.


What are the documents required for shipment?

Original Bill of Lading, Packing list, Commercial invoice, Certificate of origin, and other documents are normally required.


How long does the shipment take?

It depends on several factors combined to decide how long the shipment can take: Shipping method(Container or Ro-Ro vessel), Desination port's distance from port of Origin, timing of your payment(how long it takes for us to confirm the payment) ,etc.


What is the customs clearance process?

Once the vehicle arrives at the port, it will be your responsibility to conduct customs clearance. If you are not in a position to clear the vehicle personally, you can hire a local agent to perform customs clearance. Please contact your local customs agent for the necessary steps to be followed well in advance of the arrival of the vehicle. If you do not know the agent, please contact us, and we will provide a list of our preferred agents.


What will I have to pay once I receive the vehicle?

Upon receiving of the vehicle you will have to pay port clearing costs, import duties and taxes, and any additional fees requested by your government to clear the vehicle. Please verify with local authorities or a good customs agent for more details.


What is "RO-RO" shipment?

Shipment by Ro-Ro (Roll on - Roll off) refers to shipment done with vessels where the vehicles are loaded and unloaded by driving them into and out of the ship, all vehicles are secured in their respective bays and are isolated from the elements during the sea passage. Such shipment is usually speedier and cheaper than container shipments. Ro-Ro shipments are not available for every destination.


What is "Container shipment"?

During container shipment, vehicles are loaded and fixed in a container (a big metal box of standard size). Shipment by container is very safe and covers almost all ocean ports in the world. It is usually more expensive and slower than Ro-Ro shipment.

As default, we provide quotations for shipments in 20 feet long containers. 40 feet containers are also available on request and might be convenient for purchases of multiple vehicles.


What is "Vanning"?

"Vanning" is the process of professionally loading and securing in place, vehicles inside a container to avoid damages in case of rough weather conditions during the transportation on the vessel.